Top 3 Weight Loss Programs

Top 3 Weight Loss Programs

The 3 Week Diet is the real deal- it is a diet, exercise, and motivational components program that assure the users to lose 12-23 lbs of disturbing body fat within just the first 21 days. The excellent program was made by a fitness expert, who analyzed all the nonsense other weight loss and fitness programs use to attempt to scam people and got me on track on a scientifically tested and proven weight loss plan.

After trying countless diet programs, I must confess that I am amazed at the effects I can already see after only 3 weeks! I am cutting down on my weight and ugly fat and still feeling magnificent. I eat less than before but feel full stomach. 3 Week Diet is an excellent program and a great method to lose weight without much struggle. I got a recommendation from my trainer who had noted my commitment to losing weight despite achieving no positive results. Anyone of any weight and age should try this program. Before I tried it, I had always been jealous of my sister’s bikini body, so I ordered the 3-week diet, and I have ripped so much weight and fats already.

The promise

The program promised that I would lose 23 pounds or more within 21 days, build up a flatter stomach, trim 2-3 inches of my waistline, increase my metabolism, gain increased energy levels, lose significant amount of fat on my butt, thighs, and belly. I also learned the secrets and techniques of dieting from the most basic to the professional.

The brain behind the remarkable program is Brian Flatt- a health coach and sports nutritionist. I know that without the amazing 3 Week Diet I would still be undesirably fat. Now I am ripped, has gained a good amount of muscles, and is gaining my desirable feminine figure.

The first week was not easy, but however, I was focused to complete the three weeks, so I continued tirelessly, but after the 1st week it became much easier. I am a busy professional and workouts are achievable, in fact, enjoyable with the right motivation.

I love the material; it is easy to read, and I clearly understood the different phases and the effect each phase has on my body physique. I lost 20 lbs and 7 inches (2.5 off my waist) in 21 days.

The program is laid out in four different portions:

Introduction Manual- covers general weight loss information and various factors that the effectiveness of a weight loss program.

Diet Manual – Outlines the directions to the 4 phases of the diet, giving specifics rules to achieve quick results.

Workout Manual – The 17 pages manual lays down expounded information on daily walk, warm up, body blowing workout and consistency.

Mindset and Motivation Manual – The manual gives tips for achievement of a new mindset that would enable me achieve faster weight loss and documenting the progress.

4 phases – 3 Week Diet

Phase I

The 1st day was harsh; I took just rabbit food and vegetable.

Days 2-4 I was a lot more comfortable, and I used 1 shake and 1 meal for the three days.

Days 5-7 I felt a little bit better, 1 meal and used 2 shakes

Phase II

Day 8 – I was focused than ever, I managed to fast for 24 hrs and had amazingly lost 6lbs!-when I stepped on the scale.

Phase III

I continued with the diet program, ate less and felt satisfied all day with an incredible level of energy build up. I could not believe my progress when I stepped on the scale-I had lost 16.5lbs!

Phase IV

I was accustomed to the workout, was positively focused, had gained more muscle and ripped enormous fats-was minus 31 lbs. During this phase, I consumed calories based on weight loss goals and exceptional BMR, as directed by the program.

The program is quite accurate, useful, and straight and hence I would call it the easiest program to follow with surprising outcomes-if followed as directed. The author uses the reveal after explanation techniques to lay down his scientifically proven methods with awesome explanations.

I love the program because of its sensitivity to my busy schedule, I only require 20-30 minutes per day and only 3 days every week, which I have effectively chipped into my schedule by sacrificing some TV time.

My worry about purchasing and security was well taken off by the 60-days money back guarantee offered – which I didn’t even think about after starting off the beautiful program. The results are overly satisfying, and the program is worth every penny.

Excitingly I can keep off the lost weight when I go back to normal eating without regaining weight. For someone aiming to lose weight quickly and keep it off…I positively recommend this diet.

After trying one diet after the other, I had only succeeded in gaining more weight over the years. I must have tried at least five diets, each one failing to keep the promise that I would drop the weight healthily and quickly.

I was very aware that I needed to lose weight. My weight had crept up since I stopped working to become a mum. My second child came before I had lost any of the pregnancy weight I had gained with my first child. I got out even less. Instead, I was mostly in the kitchen, using food to comfort myself about my excess weight and feeling gross with every bite I knew I shouldn''t be having.

Nutrisystem to the rescue

My life changed when I came across Nutrisystem. I didn''t have to decide which food was suitable. Neither did I have to count carbs or calories. Portion sizes were also not an issue.

I''d buy most of my food from Nutrisystem and it would be delivered right to my door. I would have a Nutrisystem breakfast, lunch, dinner and yes, dessert. I was also allowed to add fresh fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. Eating out was discouraged and so was alcohol.

It was the part of getting meals made ready for me that won me over. I didn''t have to weigh, count carbs or calories or guess portion sizes. If this didn''t work for me, I didn''t know what would. I went all in and this is what happened.

Week One

For breakfast, I could have muffins, pancakes, granola or oatmeal. Lunch and dinner options included soup, stew, tacos, chicken, pastas, chili and even pizza. I could have cake, cookies or brownies for dessert or as a snack. There were also a lot of fruits and vegetables as well nuts, fresh meat, dairy and other foods that I could include with the pre-packaged Nutrisystem foods.

I was to stick to smart carbohydrates that don''t raise blood sugar like whole- meal bread, whole- meal rice and whole- meal pasta and avoid white rice and white bread. The diet also limited sodium which contributed to hypertension and diabetes which are associated with excess weight.

I was to lose a pound or two every week on the program. I thought that was very little and it would take me forever to get slim again. However, it was a healthy route to weight loss and I knew from experience that losing fast on crash diets only resulted in gaining the lost weight and more when I stopped the diet. I stopped on the scale, somewhat pessimistic and result- I had lost two and a half pounds.

Week Two

I struggled not to pinch some of what I prepared for the family. Laying off the wine was also a struggle at first. By week two though, I was getting used to the pre-packaged portions. Eating at least three hours before bed was recommended. To do this and to avoid eating what I was cooking for the family, I prepared a salad or vegetables for the family which I ate with my packed meal before I started cooking. This way I was full and was not tempted to dip into their meal. The bathroom scale rewarded me with a reading of three pounds less than it had showed me last week. I had lost a total of five and a half pounds now.

Week Three

I felt lighter and though the weight loss was not obvious, my jeans didn''t fit me as snugly anymore and that made me very happy. It gave me the motivation to start exercising. I wasn''t ready for a gym so I got a home exercise video. It was a struggle to keep up but I stuck at it, at the same time every day. Over time, I was able to do more reps and with shorter rest periods. I was well accustomed to the pre-packaged foods by now and mostly managed to stay away from the wine. I was taking a lot more water, less caffeine and cola and more herbal tea. I had dropped another three pounds at the end of the third week, adding up to a total of eight and a half.

Week Four

The weight loss can be seen now. Friends and family are asking about it and I''m happy to share about Nutrisystem. I need to stay on it for at least three months. By this time, I''ll ideally have reached my ideal weight and should be able to control my food choices and portions when I stop relying on the pre-packs. The bathroom scale lauds my efforts by stopping another three pounds short of where it stopped the week before. Finally, I''m losing weight and am sure I''ll keep it off.

I have tried many weight loss programs before, and none of these programs worked. A few friends had just started using the Venus Factor System and they told me to try it. I was skeptical at first, so I researched the system on the internet. The product was listed as a weight loss system for women. I read the many testimonials, yet I was still uncertain. But, I was impressed by the simplicity of the Venus Factor System. There were no fancy pills, no painful exercises or bizarre exercise equipment. The program offered a way to ramp up my metabolism, and to lose weight quickly, without fancy pills or difficult exercises.

After the first week of using the system, the weight on my hips, butt, and stomach started to disappear fast. Venus Factor had delivered as promised. Thanks to the right combination of nutrition and exercise, the fat melted away quickly and stayed off. I now have the body I always wanted.

This weight loss system also has an online community. I have access to Venus IMMERSION, an online community of hundreds of like-minded women. I don’t have to go public meetings to discuss my weight loss issues; I can share my problems with this community of women. They are friendly and always willing to help. I can get the encouragement I need. Here we can discuss our setbacks and victories.

The Venus Factor weight loss system

Unlike other weight loss products, the Venus Factor System was especially created for women. Women store fat differently than men. This system helps women overcome leptin resistance, making it easier to shed excess fat and keep it off. The tailored exercises and nutrition plans ensure we can have a toned and firm body, and we keep it that way.

What exactly is leptin resistance?

Leptin is a hormone that controls metabolism and hunger. It determines if we are satiated after a meal. Since leptin resistance affects mostly women, most diet plans don’t take this into account. Women with leptin resistance, get over weight because they don’t know when to stop eating. Fortunately, women have twice the level of leptin than men. Unfortunately, women are three times more resistant to the hormone. Leptin resistance also increases after child birth. Dieting can likewise cause a drop in leptin levels, defeating the point of dieting. Also, the weight comes back twice as fast!

Your body has built up leptin resistance over the years. You may wonder, just as I have, how do you overcome this fat trapping leptin resistance? The Venus Factor System gives you the solution. Your body is trained to overcome leptin resistance. Don’t forget that women have twice the level of leptin than men. By switching on the fat busting potential of this hormone, you can lose fat and stay trim.

Why I think the Venus Factor System is fantastic

The system is simple and easy to follow. I am supplied with all the nutritional information I need to understand how the program works. The exercises in the videos are easy to do, more for toning my body than for exhausting cardio workouts. Thanks to the helpful Virtual Nutritionist, when I go shopping, I can select the right foods to eat, and now I am healthier than before. Thanks to the 12 week, Venus Factor weight loss system, I stopped craving certain foods. I was shown to eliminate certain processed and to avoid foods that increase leptin resistance. Plus, I learned a food that tricked that keeps leptin levels high – to burn fat all the time.

Venus Factor does not promise instant results. When I first started the program, I was frustrated I did not get immediate results, but I stuck to the system. Now, I am super excited with the results. I am no longer fat. I can now fit in those skinny jeans that I haven’t worn in years.

The Venus Factor System gives you the vital exercise and nutrition information to get your body in top shape, while you enjoy life. I have not regretted ordering the Complete Venus Factor System. I look and feel great. When you buy this weight less system, you will learn how to lose the extra pounds quickly. You will also have an online community to help you. If being over weight is affecting your self image and your relationships, watch the online video and be amazed how well the program works.

The Venus factor is an easy way to weight loss. So, if you are serious about losing weight and looking great, take advantage of this special trial offer of $9.95. This amazing offer comes with a 100%, 60 day money back guarantee.